Pet Services

As an integral part of your family, your pet is a loyal companion who offers years of unconditional love and brings immeasurable happiness, love, and joy.  When they pass on, the loss of your beloved pet and adored friend can be devastating. 

During grief, many pet owners seek the same level and care for their pet as they do for their human family members.  Unfortunately, without federal and state regulations or standards in place, pet loss services vary greatly among states with providers not always assuring quality services. 

First Class Pet Services

Our highly trained funeral professionals understand how important it is to say a proper goodbye to a cherished family member.  In addition to offering immediate response and dignified pet cremation services, our staff is available to help your family through the grieving process and create the perfect tribute to reflect your pet's unique life.

Rest assured that we will care for your pet with the same reverence as we would treat and of our pets.  Because our state-of-the-art pet crematory is owned and operated by licensed funeral professionals, we guarantee that your pet's cremated remains will be returned to you withing 72 hours, and we can even arrange for your family to witness the cremation process if you desire. 

Assuring Quality Every Step of the Way

Our calling as Funeral Directors imposes the highest of standards on us, with special responsibilities to all those we serve.  We constantly strive to utilize the best professional practices and offer families confidence, trustworthiness, and knowledgeable guidance during your pet's passage.  In accepting our professional responsibilities, we can assure you of the following:

-Provide the highest level of respect and dignity to the deceased pets in our care.

-Secure Passages pet identification, chain of custody and tracking procedure.

-Use only a licensed Pet Passages Cremation Provider consisting of competent staff and certified crematory operators.

-Maintain appropriate facilities and suitable equipment required for comprehensive pet loss and cremation services.

-To extend to consumers the right to inspect our facilities as well as the crematory facility.

-You can learn much more about our exclusive process by clicking here.