Albion Facility 

21 West Ave.

Albion, NY 14411
(585) 589-4471

Our Albion funeral home, was originally a private home before Rho Mitchell bought the building and turned it into a funeral home. He put on an addition in 1971 and David Mitchell put another addition on in 2000. Many people that have visited our facility have told us that it is very "home-like" and "very comfortable". Our facility is very spacious and can accommodate more than one family at a time. We have two wall mounted TV's in our main room to view video tributes for the families that we serve. Our main room can seat more than 140 people for a service and has a speaker system throughout the entire facility to listen to music or a service. Our goal is to make every person that comes to our facility feel as comfortable and as welcome as possible.


Holley Facility 

16650 State Rt. 31
Holley, NY 14470
(585) 638-6397

Our Holley funeral home was built by Rho Mitchell and Michael Christopher in 1972. The facility can accommodate more than one family at a time and also has two wall mounted TV's to view video tributes. During a service, our facility is able to seat more than 110 people, and has a speaker system throughout to listen to music or a service. The funeral home is indeed a home and has that feel to it. Our goal is to make every person that comes to our facility feel as comfortable and as welcomed as possible.


Bates, Wallace & Heath Funeral Home

 38 State St.
Middleport, NY 14105
(716) 735-9244

Starting in March of 2018, we completely renovated the interior of the funeral home with new furniture, paint, carpet, artwork and various other improvements to make our funeral home indeed feel like a home. The exterior of the building we added new landscaping, new windows on the first floor, painted the second and third floor windows, new black window shutters to help accent the beautiful brick that the building was built with. We are so proud of how it all turned out and love the comforting and warm atmosphere that we have created. Our facility is capable of holding upwards of 100 people for services and is handicap accessible. Please watch the picture slideshow to see what we have done to our historic funeral home.


Sherrie Bream & Kenneth H. Sherrie Funeral Home

4521 Main Street
Gasport, NY 14067

(716) 772-2410 |  (716) 778-8546

Welcome to our home! In July of 2019 we finally finished the improvements to the interior that we wanted to make since we purchased the funeral home in April of 2019. We painted the exterior and had new landscaping done in July of 2020. Our goal was to create a warm and homelike atmosphere to keep the families that we serve as comfortable as they can be during such a difficult time. Our main chapel can sit upwards of 70 people and we mounted a tv in our fireplace room to help celebrate your loved ones life with a video tribute that we create for our families at no charge. Our home is your home and we encourage you to explore our facility and make yourself comfortable.