We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

We invite you to CLICK HERE  to view our Testimonials Form to leave your thoughts and comments for our testimonials page. Upon reviewing, they will be added to the section below, where you can browse through all of our testimonials from the families we are proud to have been able to support during their time of need. 

"On behalf of the family of Charles Perry, we would like to extend our many thanks to David and Josh Mitchell for their outstanding work and professionalism they provided us after the passing of our loved one. They were very compassionate and empathetic to all of us during our time of grief, patiently and kindly guided us through the funeral preparations and took care of business matters on our behalf. Josh continually offered his help and made himself available to us at any time that we needed assistance. They truly went above and beyond in every way to help ease our sorrow and treat our beloved one with great dignity. For all this and more, we deeply thank them both."


"It is very difficult to find the right words to describe our wonderful experience with the Funeral Home of Christopher-Mitchell @Sherrie-Bream In Gasport. You may say how can anyone have a nice experience at a Funeral Home. I think it has to do with the loving caring attitude that was experienced . So kind. They will do everything and anything to make things just the way you would choose. This may sound extraordinary ,but they were right in the middle of painting and redecorating the Funeral home when My Husband passed . And I really wanted Gasport ,just because we love Gasport . Josh oversaw that all was complete for Ron in Gasport . Actually everything was perfect . And then it doesnt stop there they really care for you long after the Burial time. Booklets and cards and even a beautiful blanket dedicated to Your Loved one . Can you tell I just dont fear going there for pre -burial arrangements or anything else? They are all like family especially Josh . May God Bless them all and Am very sure You will be Blessed by them when the time comes to honor Your Loved one. Thank You for allowing me to share some of the Love shared to us by the wonderful family of Christopher -Mitchell Funeral Home in Gasport @Sherrie Bream ."


"We used Sherrie Bream/ Mitchell family twice in 6 months. We can not say enough about the whole experience. From our first experience working with Scott and Josh coming to our loved ones house. Scott going above and beyond his duties. Making sure we got a service flag after finding out that he had served the military and hand delivered to his daughter. Our next experience was with Paula who is amazing. She did a video of photos set to the music we picked that was so well done. It turned out even better then we had expected. They met us and got back to us right away every time. We had Josh do the service for our loved one. He did such a great job. It was like he knew our family his whole life. There are 4 people that run the 4 funeral homes that the Mitchell family owns. We have met 3 of them the last one is the owner David Mitchell, who generously gave us a urn vault so we could bury all our loved ones pet cremations with her! They are all so truly kind and compassionate and went above and beyond our expectations! We love that they are local people not a corporate owned business! To the Mitchell’s, you will continue to have all our families business! Just hopefully not too soon! With Love and gratitude, The family of Ronald and Kelly Weaver ♥️"


"I am very pleased with the way my husband Bob was given by these very compassionate and professional people. Not only was I helped through every aspect but received many other unexpected followup services. I highly recommend them for any family having suffered a loss as I have. Thanks to everyone for everything."


"Our family is so grateful to Scott. Scott helped us through a very emotional time and took such good care with our mom. Made such a hard time in our lives just a little easier, calming our worries and helping us think when we couldn't. Felt like family. Just wonderful caring people Thank You."

                         - Darla          

"When I lost my daughter I had so many questions, I did not know where to turn. Paula made the hardest time of my life not so hard. She answered all of my questions, she even called me to check on me and my family days and weeks after. I would of never made it through that time of my life without her. Thank you for caring."

                         - Mary

"We wanted to thank you for your support and guidance during such an unbearable time. Your compassion and patience helped us get through everything we needed to do. Our loved one meant so very much to us and we were very pleased with the care given to ensure she was as beautiful in death as she was in life. Your staff is amazing! Many, many thanks,"

                    - Mike, Matt, Missy, Natalie & Megan 

"We had a very good experience with Christopher Mitchell. They were very professional and understanding and willing to help in any way possible. Excellent facility and wonderful people to work with."

                    - Rosemarie 

""A thank you" to all at Christopher Mitchell Funeral Home for your time and attention given to us. You made this dreaded experience much easier than we thought it would be."

                    - Judy 

"It felt just like home. Very comfortable."

                    - Roxanne 

"My elderly mother had a horrific fall before passing. We didn't know if we could have an open casket. She looked wonderful and I appreciated that so much."

                    - Sharon 

"The folks at Christopher Mitchell were very down to earth. Very comfortable atmosphere. There was no pressure to do anything we did not want. They even took the time to make sure the top was placed securely on the vault. The staff is very caring!!!"

                     - David 

"Everything was fantastic. No complaints at all. Everything was done very nicely."

                    - Brenda 

"David Mitchell was superior in his professionalism, as was each member of his team. Their sincerity and desire to help in every way possible, made the most difficult time in our lives easier to manage. We appreciate the way David arranged everything, since our beloved died out of state and had to be transported. We can never express how deeply we appreciate his kindness and thoughtfulness to help us R.I.S.E. (Have Resilience In Stressful Events)!"

                    - Karen 

"I can't say enough about the caring and professional way that Paula and all of the staff do their jobs. They are wonderful, compassionate people who do everything they can to help a family through a terrible experience."

                     - Carol 

"Scott Schmidt at Christopher Mitchell was very helpful to me and treated my wife with care and respect. Thank you for your help."

                     - David 

"Joshua Mitchell took excellent care of our daughter and all of our family. Calls were returned quickly, no request went unattended. We felt like we were family to them! We very much appreciate the efforts they took to comfort and help us at this time."

                      - Michael